Setting off the New Year on a high, Spotify has proudly announced Annural Khalid as the first woman RADAR Pakistan artist, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to uplifting emerging talents from the local music ecosystem. This year, Annural not only becomes the first RADAR Pakistan artist of 2024 but will also be celebrating the launch of her debut album, showcasing her unique blend of chill pop and R&B. A Spotify RADAR mini-documentary dedicated to Annural’s journey as a musician, taking a never-before-seen look at the twists and turns in her career has also been released.

From her early days of singing to becoming Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador in July 2023, Annural’s journey is a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication. Her ascent to RADAR Pakistan’s artist for the quarter showcases how Spotify facilitates artists in their journey toward wider acclaim and global reach.

Annural’s musical career, initiated in 2020, has been marked by a series of successful singles and notable collaborations within the local music industry. Her popular tracks, including “Kehdena”, “Mujhe Leh Chal”, “Dil de Bol”, “Pretty Lies”, and “Sohneya Ve”, resonate deeply with fans worldwide.

“Spotify RADAR is a huge deal to me for sure. I feel like I get to share my story with an even bigger audience and it feels so good to know that people can associate who I am as a person with the perception they have of me as an artist,” said Annural while sharing her excitement at the opportunity. “I think that’s something I have been trying to do for a while and with RADAR, me and so many other emerging artists were finally able to do. Spotify has helped me find my audience as an artist, I get insights on what my listeners are vibing with, and what sound resonates more with people, just helps me know my audience better. Plus I feel like especially for emerging artists like myself, Spotify makes sure to give everyone their due representation and so as an artist you never have to worry about a good song not reaching the right audience,” she added further.

RADAR Pakistan, a part of Spotify’s global emerging artist program, is dedicated to identifying and elevating promising musical talents from across Pakistan. The program not only spotlights these artists but also provides them with a platform to connect with audiences worldwide. The recently held and widely acclaimed RADAR Fest Pakistan, an event that featured riveting performances by all four RADAR artists: Hasan RaheemTaha GMaanu, and Hassan & Roshaan, serves as a prime example of what the initiative aims to achieve in the country.

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