Two days prior, Pakistani electric scooter manufacturer Evee announced that it will reopen the bookings for its new batch of C1 electric scooters on April 10. Yesterday, it announced that the new batch will also include a new variant dubbed C1 Pro.

As the name implies, the new variant offers some improvements over the C1, namely, a better battery that allows for a longer range, and a new color option.

According to the company, the new variant has a Graphene battery pack. The electrodes in this battery are made of graphene, which boosts conductivity, allowing for faster charge and discharge cycles. Graphene can improve the performance of existing batteries.

Furthermore, along with the Midnight Blue, Ruby Red, and Ivory White, the new variant also gets a Space Grey color option. The motor capacity is the same as before, which is 1,200 watts.

With the new battery, the range has increased significantly from 65 km in the base variant to 95 km, while the top speed is the same.

Of course, with an improved range and a new color option, comes a new price tag as well. Evee C1 Pro costs Rs. 215,000 which is Rs. 30,000 more expensive than the base variant but it’s much cheaper than several basic commuter bikes with fewer features.

With this addition to its two-wheeler lineup, Evee is likely to witness a bump in sales.