Continuing its showcase of female voices representing the cultural vibrancy and musical talent of Pakistan on the global stage, EQUAL Pakistan has featured another two distinguished ambassadors, Hareem Rashid, and Maher Anjum for November and December 2023 respectively. Both artists have earned widespread acclaim for their unique contributions to the music industry, and as part of the EQUAL Pakistan program, they have been featured on a digital billboard at Times Square, New York.

Maher AnjumEQUAL Pakistan’s ambassador for the month of December 2023, is a Pakistani pop musician whose music is a harmonious blend of traditional Pakistani and Indian instruments with contemporary pop sounds. Her melodies, known for their lively energy and heartfelt lyrics, have garnered immense popularity. Maher’s most renowned songs include “Kahani Suno Zabani Suno“, “Ishqiya,” and “Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya” Her mesmerizing track, “Kya Hoti Hai Bewafai 2.0,” is featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist for the month.

“It’s an immense pride and honor for me to be Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan ambassador for this month,” commented Maher as she expressed her excitement for being announced as the program’s latest face. “This initiative is extremely important to me as it’s a cause of equality and allows our female artists to be heard and celebrated. I appreciate Spotify in elevating the voices of female artists in my country and providing a platform for them where they can engage and participate enthusiastically and show their love and passion for Music,” she added further.

Hareem Rashid, a dynamic and youthful force in the music scene, embarked on her musical journey five years ago through social media. Notable songs like “AAG”, “Dil Hariyaan” and “Scars” have solidified her position as a rising star with a rapidly growing audience. Her track “Pathar Dil” was featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist in November as part of Hareem’s induction into the program.

In her own words, Hareem shares, “Securing the title of ambassador of the month feels like catching a musical high, marking not just a personal achievement but a collective push for more female voices in the mix, aligning with Spotify’s mission to amplify women’s voices from this region. This represents an opportunity to contribute to diversity and equality in the music scene; adding my note to a symphony of change and ensuring a spotlight for a variety of talents and perspectives. Beyond personal empowerment, it holds significance for the entire women’s community, as I believe it can inspire and motivate others to dream bigger, resonating with those who, like me, find solace and empowerment in music as an escape from everyday hardships.”

The recognition of both Maher Anjum and Hareem Rashid on a digital billboard at Times Square, New York, stands as a testament to their rising influence and the global impact of Pakistani music. EQUAL Pakistan is thrilled to have them as ambassadors, representing the rich diversity and talent that the country has to offer.

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